K1 (name unknown)
Age 14 ( Quadrant)
Class Zero (at death)
Status Dead
Gender Female
Height 6'1'
Race Zoid
Appearances Quadrant


K1 (as she is called by Roon Marks), is also a Zoid student and classmate of her. She and her twin sister K2 were forced into the quadrant. Roon described them as quiet and withdrawn, but they managed to display their cunning attributes.

201st QuadrantEdit

During Level 1, K1 along with her sister easily managed to escape the poison gas chamber using their dexterous Zoid skills to climb to safety.

In Level 2, K1

Physical DescriptionEdit

K1 along with her sister was described as extremely tall and slender, with long legs that helped them easily evade dangers. Due to her Zoid heritage, she had green tinted skin and red markings along her legs and arms, and her bald head. The only noticeable difference between the two was that K2 had a side trimmed haircut.